What is a Strike Sewist?

A strike sewist is a valued member of the promotional/advertising team. A strike sewist receives sample yardage of upcoming or new designs in exchange for utilizing that fabric to sew something, take photos and advertise their creation on various social media platforms and groups. Additionally, we use the photos provided by the sewist to show what the fabric looks like when made into something on our website, and other advertising avenues. When we receive a strike sewist application, we ask you to upload 5 photos of your sewing creations, as well as list all your social media platforms name, so we can view your profiles. 

Things we are looking for in a strike sewist applicant. Social media presence, followers, and activity. We also consider quality of photos and quality of construction associated with what you make. If you are interested, there is a link on the homepage to bring you to the application. 

Hired strike sewist receive detailed information regarding requirements, timeframes, and photography guidelines.

What is Pre-Order?

- Pre-Order is open for two weeks at a discount of $1.00 per yard off Retail pricing. We print as soon as the round ends, so you'll have fabrics in a few weeks!  Pre-Order designs become available for Retail at a later date.

What is Retail?

- Retail has designs that are sold at the non-discounted rate. Unfortunately, we can't keep every design on retail forever, so they do cycle off. Don't worry, those designs will become available again at some point for pre-order at the discounted rate. But if you see something, don't wait because who knows when it will be available again.

Shipping information

For the continental US we offer FREE shipping over $75.00 and $10.00 flat rate shipping. We also ship to Canada! If you would like to know the rates and fabric weights please see my blog Introducing: Shipping to CANADA – WayMaker Fabrics

At this time we do not offer free shipping to Canada. If you are located internationally and are not in Canada but would like to place an order. Please email info@waymakerfabrics.com and we can look at shipping rates for your order.

How wide are your fabrics?

- Our fabrics are between 55" and 62" wide depending on the fabric base.

I'm not familiar with your fabric bases, what exactly are they?

-For information on our fabric bases, please read our blog post: Introduction to WayMaker's Fabrics

Your stock images look different from the photos made from the fabric. Why is that?

Each fabric base absorbs ink differently, so you will see color vibrancy variation from base to base. Additionally, the lighting can affect the color of a design. Please see the vibrancy sheet below. Note, the rates and bases listed are valid as of February 2024, but are subject to change. For current pricing and list of fabrics please always refer to the pricing/bases listed under each product in the catalogue. 

Where do you source the material for fabric bases?

- All of our natural fiber fabrics are American Made. We purchase rolls directly from the mill, maintain a stock of base material at our facility, and print roll by roll as the orders accumulate. Don't worry, your fabric will print quickly even if we don't have a full roll to print on your base (all orders will print immediately after the round closes, if not before that!)

Do you offer polyester/synthetic materials?

- Yes! Please see our fabric descriptions to discover what fabric bases we offer. You can also read our blog post that describes each base.  Introduction to WayMaker's Fabrics


Do you offer custom or commercial printing?

- We can print custom fabric designs for orders of 2 yards or more, contact info@waymakerfabrics.com for details and price sheet.

What about banners or soft signage?

- We currently offer one type of soft indoor signage.  Contact us at info@waymakerfabrics.com for more information.

Is the printing process Eco-Friendly?

- Good question - yes it is!  Our process has no waste-water and uses water-based Eco-friendly dye inks.  The total energy requirement is very low, using literally the ink and a short heat cycle - that's it!

How quickly can I expect to receive my order?

- A couple of weeks.  We begin printing in-house here in Kansas as soon as we have orders for a full roll even if the round isn't closed yet.  Everything sold in the Round will print and ship within 2-3 weeks of the round closing!

I've never heard of Phillipsburg, Kansas - where are you guys?

- Literally in the center of the United States!  Seriously, the geometric center of the U.S. is about 30-minutes drive from here just outside of Lebanon.  Phillipsburg is a beautiful little town of about 2,300 people.