Collaboration and Custom Orders

  • Interested in custom printing fabrics in volume of 2 yards or more?  
    • Shoot us a brief idea of the project at
We do have a few requirements:
    • Must be aligned with our core values (not lewd, obscene, profane etc.)
    • Design must be in a seamless pattern, ready to print
    • Design must be in a vector format such as pdf
  • We're always interested in new opportunities with seamless designers!
    • Our goal is to drop several new designs each month - we need great designers to make great designs on a regular basis!
    • Reach out to
  • We'd love to collaborate with businesses in the sewing community and apparel industry. 
    • Got a crazy idea for custom printed dog sweaters, cat warmers and horse blankets?  Hit us up!
    • If you'd like to explore working with us reach out to  
  • Interested in indoor soft signage, like church banners, stage flags, and backdrops? (This one's for you Pastor Chris!)
    • You know what's next...drop a line to!

Bottom Line: If you don't see it but you want it, reach out to today!!