Introducing: Shipping to CANADA

Introducing: Shipping to CANADA

Welcome to the club, Canada!

Get ready Canadians, it's time to celebrate! Starting in February 2024, WayMaker Fabrics is blasting through the border to bring you the most radical faith-based fabrics north of the 49th parallel!

Canadians can finally get their hands on our righteous threads without crazy shipping fees. The USPS lowered their international rates, so we can ship to you without breaking the bank!

So, what does that mean for Canadian Waymakers? In this blog, we’ll go over a few pressing questions:

What does this mean for Canadians?

What are the current shipping rates to Canada?

Can I order multiple packages to save on shipping?

What do your base fabrics weigh?

Let’s jump into it, ay!


What does this mean for Canadians?

This means you can now order amazing WayMaker Fabrics directly to your door in Canada! We’re so excited for Canada to wear their faith on their sleeves!


What are the current shipping rates to Canada?

The current shipping rates are as follows: (In USD)

.5lbs - $10

1lb - $13

1.1-2lbs - $17

2.1-3lbs - $21

3.1-4lbs - $28

4.1-5lbs - $54 (yikes!)

9.1-10lbs - $70 (double yikes!)


Wow, that’s a lot of money to ship to Canada! How can I save some money, and hack the shipping?

You bet you can hack the shipping system! Place multiple orders and pay separate shipping to save some cash. Here's the hack:

Got 5lbs of fabric? Check out with 2lbs in one order, and 3lbs in another. Your total shipping will be $38 USD, saving you around $15 USD if you otherwise shipped in one package!


A Few Canadian Shipping Combinations that are less that 2lbs:

1/2 yard canvas and 1yd Tencel Cotton or Quilting cotton can be purchased and will total less than 1lb.

Two yards of the Rayon Crepe equal 1lb.

Two yards of Tencel Cotton will equal 1lb.

1.5 yards of Modal French Terry will equal less than 2lbs

2 yards of French Terry or Stretch Twill will equal 2lbs

NOTE: These weights are averages. The weight of the fabric can change slightly due to the weight of the ink. We try to give customers an extra couple of inches on their orders, but if your order is overweight, we will trim the extras to keep the package within the weight requirements.


What a great way to save money on shipping! How can I calculate how much an order will weigh?

I am so glad you asked! We've created a handy-dandy Canadian Shipping calculator! Scroll to the bottom of the page to give it a whirl. If you perfer to do it by hand, here's our standard fabric weights by 1/2 yard: 

Cotton Lycra - 6oz

Tencel Cotton - 4oz

Modal French Terry - 9oz

Cotton French Terry - 8oz

Canvas - 9oz

Jersey - 7oz

Athletic Knit - 7oz

Modal Jersey - 9oz

Quilting Cotton - 2oz

Stretch Twill - 8oz

Rayon Crepe - 4oz

We are so excited to offer shipping to Canada! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us. More than happy to help you with any international shipping issues you may have!

Take a few minutes to check out the shipping calculator below, and play around with creating some combinations that suits your order!


Waymaker Fabrics Canada Shipping Calculator

We ship to all Canadian providences! 

Total Weight:

Shipping Price:

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