Our Story


My name is Christina Anderson, founder of WayMaker Fabrics. This is our story of why and how we launched our fabric company!

It all started about five years ago when I found out I was pregnant. We had just moved to a new state, and my husband suggested I start a hobby. I chose to break out the sewing machine I'd had for a couple years but only used a couple times. I didn't know what I liked to sew with and didn't even know about any of the fabrics that were for sale. I started my search to refine what I liked by buying mystery packs and clearance fabrics. I soon realized that I didn't really like most of the fabrics I was buying. The designs were basic, and the fabrics were low quality. 

This launched my search for designs I loved, printed on quality fabric bases. I love the geo-style patterns and complex designs with unlimited colors that digital printing allows. Once I found some companies I liked, I started making clothes for myself and my son. The one thing I hated about buying beautiful digitally printed fabric was the wait time. I would have a project in mind, but by time I received my fabric, 4-6 mo later, I completely forgot what I wanted to make! I reasoned that this was just the way it was for nice fabric.

Fast-forward 3 1/2 years, our daughter was approaching 1 year old, our son is in pre-school and my husband asked what I'd think about doing when I get back into the work force. Did I want to return to banking, do something with my communications degree, possibly get some additional schooling for a career change? My response: I think I'd like to get into digital fabric printing!

My husband has a very innovative, entrepreneurial mind. "That's not possible" isn't in his vocabulary! So, he asked a few basic questions to flesh out what I was really thinking and started doing some research. Here's what we found:

- Aside from a couple of very large companies that do digital printing in the US, most of this fabric is actually produced overseas.
- The design shops that I've been buying from do the design, send it out to SE Asia for printing, and then cut and distribute the fabric.
- Shipping is getting crazy! Then there's import tariffs, quality control difficulties, and the fact that this whole process takes 4-6 months AFTER customer orders are received. 
- Printing on stretchy/knit and natural fibers comes in two main techniques:
1) Screen printing, which is only available in very large quantities and cannot do the complex colors and designs that digital is capable of; AND uses a lot of water in the process.
2) Special printers to handle the stretch for digital printing on anything other than synthetics like polyester. 

Jeff came back a few days later with "Hey, are you serious about doing the digital fabric?"  Because I've learned a few things.... if you want to do this, I think we should onshore production, seriously reduce the turn time from order to shipping, and go all American made. You could target a couple of weeks instead of months and I think that will really sell!

Fast forward another 7 months, to November 23, 2022, and we've officially launched WayMakerFabrics.com!

Over those 7 months we've:

-Purchased an old newspaper building (from a God-loving family who answered the call to move with us in this enterprise) and converted it into a state-of-the-art fabric printing facility.
-Purchased high-quality Mimaki printers for natural and synthetic fiber capabilities that can handle the stretch correctly and also purchased a 10" rotary heat press (the machines and facility are capable of processing thousands of yards a month - we're not thinking small!).
-Procured financing from a great local bank and fantastic community programs.
-Created a website and marketing channels.
-Recruited wonderful strike sewists as well as friends and family to get the word out about what we're creating at WayMaker.
-And all the other business things that one needs like tax IDs, LLC structure, etc. 

Along the way we've become experts in sourcing high-quality American made fabrics, eco-friendly water-based inks, wonderful artists creating the art that's in my mind with their own unique God-given signature, and so much more!

That's our story!  We're a family and business that honors Christ in all that we do - This business is meant to be missional at the core, which is a whole another story to read soon in the blog...Welcome to the WayMaker Fabrics family!