A girl looking down while wearing a pink, red and blue dress with maroon birds on it

Introduction to WayMaker's Fabrics

About WayMaker's Fabrics

WayMaker Fabrics is an America based and American made digital fabric printing company that carries seven base fabrics. We use both natural fiber bases and synthetic fiber bases. We offer both knit fabrics as well as woven fabrics.

Every design we offer is unique to WayMaker Fabrics. We curate our designs specifically for each round that we release. This means, you cannot find our designs elsewhere! You can print any design we offer onto any base we offer. We sell our fabrics in as little as 1/2 yard increments, and our fabrics range from 55-62 inches wide.

The bases we offer are:

  • Cotton Lycra (CL)
  • French Terry (FT)
  • Modal French Terry (MFT)
  • Canvas
  • Tencel Cotton aka Cotton Tencel
  • Athletic Knit (AK)
  • Jersey
  • Modal Jersey
  • Stretch Twill
  • Quilting Cotton AKA Cotton Poplin
  • Rayon Crepe
Below is a description of each base and what can be made with each one.

    Our natural fiber bases are:

    Cotton Lycra:

    Cotton Lycra (CL) is a cotton and spandex blend. This fabric is a knit fabric. It has 4-way stretch, meaning that is stretches vertically as well as horizontally. This base is great for tops, dresses, underwear and anything you want a lightweight stretchy fabric for. It has a nice drape, but still has some structure. Some people use CL for leggings. I would not recommend using our CL for that, as it does not have the structure or recovery.

    A little boy with a football wearing a hooded T-shirt with shades of orange and shades of blue stripes.A girl walking in the grass wearing a green jumpsuit with black windowpane stripes and midcentury geometric shapes in orange, red and green on top.


    French Terry:

    Our French Terry is not blended with spandex, so it offers no stretch, but due to the loops, it does have a small amount of easing in the fabric. It is 100% Cotton. French Terry can always be identified by the loops on the back of the fabric. It is great for sweatshirts, sweaters, warm tops, and bottoms like pajama bottoms or shorts. It is a very versatile fabric base, but tends to be associated with warmth. It can be used for T-shirts as well, but only if you want it to have a little weight and some warmth with it.

    Light green pants with white birds.A bomber jacket with light pink sleeves with darker pink stripes. The body of the jacket is has a modeled gray background with light pink and blue moons and planets overlayed.A girl wearing a sweater with doodled lines, squares, circles, and x's in various colors.


    Modal French Terry:

    Like the cotton French Terry listed above, you can identify it by the loops on the back of the fabric; however, this base has a 4-way stretch. Meaning it stretches both vertically as well horizontally. Modal is a natural fiber made from Beech Trees, it is soft and silky, breathable, yet still warm. This base has an excellent drape which is great for tops, dresses, sweaters, pants, shorts, pajamas and many others. It is not suitable for athletic clothes such as leggings, sports bras or anything that needs compression or a lot of structure.

    a girl wearing a gray striped dress looking down.A sweater with light pink flowers and green leaves and the sleeves are pink and gray plaidA girl wearing a blue top with peach watercolor circles and white leaves. She is also wearing blue and orange stripped shorts




    Our canvas is 100% cotton, there is no stretch. It is very structured. Canvas is great for handbags or hats. Our canvas is brushed on the back, so it can be used for shorts or pants as well. It is soft and comfortable.

    A backpack with green halfmoons on itA handbag with a black background and pink flowers with green and peach leaves inside a gold cageA boy wearing a dark blue collared shirt and blue plaid shorts


    Tencel Cotton:

    This base is a blend of Cotton and Tencel. Tencel is also a natural fiber. It is made from Beech Trees. This is a woven base with no stretch. It is very light weight so it has some drape to it, but it has a lot of structure, so you would use it for anything you would use 100% cotton for. It is great for blouses, dresses, lining a handbag or anything that you would use 100% cotton for. It is not suitable for quilting. It is very lightweight and thin.

    A little girl wearing a dress with teal half moons on itA baby wearing an off white dress and bonnet with 1950's geometric shapes in orange, blue and green on it.


    Our synthetic bases are:

    Athletic Knit:

    Athletic knit is polyester and spandex blended together. It has 4-way stretch meaning it stretches both vertically and horizontally. This base has great drape, but also provides some compression, so it is fantastic for exercise clothes. Leggings, sports bras, and tank tops are perfect for Athletic knit. This base is versatile, and can be used for anything you want. While it is named Athletic knit, you can use it for other things such as dresses, T-shirts, sweaters, long sleeve shirts or anything you want great “recovery” on. Recovery describes when it is stretched, how quickly or firmly does it return to its original shape.

    A girl wearing leggings and a workout top that is dark green with silver flecks across it.A girl wearing gray clouded workout leggings and sports bra. 


    Our jersey is a polyester spandex blend. This base has excellent drape, is soft, and can be used for t-shirts, dresses, long sleeve shirts, or anything that you would use a breathable, soft fabric that has a lot of drape. It would not usually be used for exercise clothing. If don’t want to use polyester, I recommend purchasing the Cotton Lycra (CL), as you can use Jersey and CL for many if not all the same projects. The Jersey has less structure than the CL, so it has slightly more drape.

    A girl wearing a pink and blue modeled dress with dark maroon birds on it.A girl standing on a swing wearing a dress with pink and orange flowers.
    WayMaker Fabrics is a company that is for America! Our fabrics are printed in Phillipsburg, Kansas with love and attention to quality! All of our designs are created specifically for WayMaker Fabrics, so you won't be able to find these designs elsewhere.

    Modal Jersey

    This base is LUXURY! It is so soft and comfortable! It has amazing drape, but is light weight and made from Modal, so you know it is eco-friendly! Our Modal Jersey 92% Micro-Modal 8% Spandex, four-way stretch, 235gsm. You can use the Modal Jersey for anything that you'd use Cotton Lycra or the regular Jersey for. The major difference with the Modal Jersey is the hand feel. It has a very fine knit so the threads are soft and luxurious.

    It drapes more than the Cotton Lycra and is more breathable than our Jersey. This Modal Jersey has the best of both worlds! Natural fiber, excellent drape, silky soft, but does not have the same texture as silk, and makes you feel beautiful when you wear it.

    I personally want to remake everything in my closet with the Modal Jersey!

    Stretch Twill

    Ladies and gentlemen, have you been waiting for a base you can make pants and jackets out of? Our stretch twill fits the bill. This base is approximately 225gsm, 64%Poly 34%Cotton and 2%Elastane. It has roughly 15% stretch to it, so it is great for woven patterns! You don't need to size down to make this woven base fit for with your no-stretch pattern. You'll just get that bonus stretch when you bend or squat or are have a day when you need that little stretch to feel comfortable. 

    Not only is this Stretch Twill great for pants, shorts or skirts, but you can make a lightweight jacket with it! If you want it to be thicker, use a lining to make it usable on the cold winter days!

    Quilting Cotton

    I don't know that quilting cotton AKA cotton poplin needs any kind of introduction. Our quilting cotton is 100% cotton and has no stretch. You can use it for QUILTING or those darling little girl dresses, or anything that calls for a heavier weight 100% cotton. It is very similar to our Tencel Cotton, but has more structure and is a heavier weight. Our Quilting Cotton is 125gsm and the fabric width is approximately 56".

    Rayon Crepe

    This is our NEWST fabric addition, but it is amazing. The moment I touched this base I knew I wanted to offer it. It doesn't wrinkle, it is a woven, and it drapes like no other woven I've touched before. It is light weight and is approximately 55" in width. This base would work for dresses that call for a woven with no stretch, shirts, or skirts. I wouldn't recommend it for pants or shorts unless they are meant to be loose and flowing. This base isn't see-through, but it is thin so use care if you are going to make pants or shorts with it.

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