Consider The Lilies

Consider The Lilies

The Consider the Lilies print has a special place in my heart. My heart is to be a light for Jesus in a world that deeply needs to know the love of the Father! I had been praying for a Christian artist to come alongside me. I did a blog interview with Unique Time Designs - Handmade Unique Boutique Dresses & Gifts – Unique Time Designs LLC regarding my company being a faith-based company. I shared with Dannelle during our chat that I had been praying for a Christian artist.

Within just a few days of sharing that with her, I had an artist email me and ask if I was looking for a Christian artist. This was a huge answered prayer! During our first conversation I told her that I had been praying for a Christian artist because it is so hard to explain the essence of faith being transferred into a design. Rachel from RachelGetzDesign - Etsy and I had a long discussion about what I was looking for. I wanted something floral and something with a Bible verse woven through it.

Within a day Rachel had identified the Bible verse Matthew 6:28 and was inspired to do the lilies for the flowers. We discussed at length how to incorporate the bible verse in the design and landed on having it be a texture in the background.

This sounds like such a simple path and solution, but this wasn't about the path or the solution. It was about the faithfulness of God. How God showed up when I was feeling frustrated and burdened regarding not having an artist who could put the essence of faith into a design. It's a testament to God giving me a business and a mission field, and how He provides for the promises he makes. I couldn't have found this artist on my own. The only way I found her was through prayer and God leading her to me.

The Consider the Lilies and Lilies prints were the first of our faith-based prints, but they aren't the only ones we currently offer. We will continue to seek and find ways to put the love of God into our fabrics during each round of design releases.

Matthew 6:28: And why are you anxious about clothing? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin... (ESV)

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