A Beginner's Guide to Tencel Cotton

A Beginner's Guide to Tencel Cotton

What is Tencel Cotton? What is Tencel? What can I make with this strange new fabric base?

These are all questions I intend to answer during this beginner's guide to Tencel Cotton.

In a world where we are always looking for products that don't harm the environment, and possible alternatives to cotton, Tencel fits that description. Tencel uses a closed loop system to turn wood into a usable fiber that can be made into fabric, meaning it has very low waste, and the small amount of waste does not negatively impact the environment. Tencel is made from wood pulp. it is soft and luxurious and can be combined with any other fiber to create something beautiful and new.

WayMaker Fabrics Tencel cotton is 63% Tencel and 37% Cotton. It is a woven fabric, so that means there is no stretch! This is a great alternative to quilting cotton for lining handbags, or making woven dresses that need a little bit of drape, and a little bit of structure, or you can create a beautiful blouse!


One of the top things made with Tencel Cotton (TC) is a blouse! This fabric base does need to be ironed, so it is great for a structured blouse. If you have a pattern that calls for puffed sleeves in a woven fabric. Tencel Cotton is a fantastic base! As you can see from these photos, TC does great on a puffed sleeve, and the sleeve will remain structured through the life of the garment. Puffed sleeved shirts aren't the only shirts you can make with TC. You can also make a simple structured blouse. The blouse options are endless with TC!



Blouses shouldn't get all the glory for with this amazing fabric base. Dresses are a great use of Tencel Cotton! If you find normal quilting cotton a little too thick or stiff, Tencel Cotton is a great alternative for your next dress!



One of the most popular uses for Tencel Cotton is to line a handbag with it! It is lightweight but not see through. It is easy to work with and colors show beautifully on it, so it is an excellent choice for a handbag.


Tencel Cotton can also be used to accent something you are working on. It can be made into ruffles on the front of a shirt, or even be used to line any structured garment like pants or shorts! You can even use it to create a more structured pocket!

Sewing with knit fabrics is something that is more common with recent generations. I had a retired friend of mine tell me that she never learned to sew with knits. If you are in the generation that feels most comfortable with woven fabrics, Tencel Cotton is a great choice. If you are in the generation that normally sews with knit fabrics but want to branch out into the unknown. Tencel Cotton is a great base to start with! You really can't go wrong this base!
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