Why We Retire Designs

Why We Retire Designs

Have you ever been to a restaurant that has way too many food choices? It can be overwhelming to say the least! When I lived in Texas there was a restaurant which I will name "B's House" to hide their true identity.  Their menu was about 30 pages and was twice the length of a normal menu.

I would experience menu fatigue when I went there, I would freeze up and then order the first thing I saw. I just wasn't able to take the time needed to look through the menu because there was too much! Because of this, whenever my friends suggested B's for dinner, I would always object. It was sensory overload.

But, Christina, what does a restaurant menu have to do with your fabric designs retiring?

I am so glad you asked. It has everything to do with it. I do not want to be the B's House of fabric sellers. I do not want you, the customer, to experience sensory overload of all the fabrics we have available to purchase. I want your experience on WayMaker's website to be fun, relaxing and fulfilling.

In order to keep it fun, relaxing and fulfilling, sometimes less is more! Without so many pages to scroll through, you are more likely to look at everything we have available within the precious few minutes you have to shop fabric. 

Are your retired designs gone forever?

Another great question! I hope to be able to re-release some of them in the future at during a new round drop, and you know what that means! Pre-order pricing! YAY!

I cannot tell you that every design will make a reappearance, but the fan favorites definitely will. 



How often will WayMaker retire designs?

Look at you with all the good questions. We are looking to start retiring designs at a more regular interval. My goal is to have our available design catalogue composed of 6 or 7 round drops. This means that after each new round drop, one of the existing rounds will roll off.

How much notice will we have before a round retires?

We will send out an email notifying everyone that a round is retiring and will give you plenty of time to make your last-minute purchases! We will also post it on our Facebook group, so everyone is in the know.

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