Sew For Charity-Menstrual Pads for Uganda

Sew For Charity-Menstrual Pads for Uganda

Sew for Charity! Menstrual pads for Uganda. @mountainsewing (IG) is running a giveaway for @treasuredvessels (IG) to help supply sanitary napkins for the women of Uganda.

I was recently approached by a lovely sewist asking if I would like to participate in a giveaway for menstrual pads for women in Uganda #sewpadsforUganda who don't have the financial means or physical access to sanitary products.

Allow me to tell you why I decided to support this specific endeavor. In 2016 I was called to the mission field in Australia. In 2017 I embarked on my calling alongside my husband. 
We worked with an organization that had (and still does to this day) an emphasis on Papua New Guinea (PNG) regarding heath. They run multiple medical ships in PNG, bring along doctors, nurses, dentists, surgeons, as well as lay people with a heart to serve. I had the absolute pleasure of working on one of these medical ships for several weeks. While I was on this medical ship, I learned that most of the women in very remote villages (which we were servicing) had NO access to sanitary products.
Not only did these people live on a barter and trade system but it would take them a week to row a dugout canoe into a town large enough to have sanitary napkins even if they had money to spare.  This is when I was first introduced to the lack of access. Since my time with this organization, I have faithfully donated to their mission monthly. 
All this to say that when @Mountainsewing contacted me regarding this giveaway, I was more than happy to participate in even a small way. 
You can access this menstrual pad pattern for free HERE
You will get a very basic PDF pattern as well as great PDF instructions.
What WayMaker Fabrics can you use for the pads.
You can use our beautiful Quilting Cotton (available February 2024), our Tencel Cotton or you can use our French Terry for a little extra absorbency. 
To enter:
-sew 2 cloth pads (or more)
-mail to US or Canadian collection point (don't have an EU location)
-once we receive your pads you are entered!
-follow @Treasuredvessels, @prairieloveknits, @appalachiasews, @Waymakerfabrics so you don't miss any updates!
-contest runs from Jan 19th to March 1st, 2024
-don't forget to post pics of the pads you make and use the hastag #sewpadsforUganda24 to spread the word!
-Use any cloth pad pattern you like.  Or use this provided one.
-organize a group of local friends in a sewing bee!  I'm running one on Feb 3rd in a town near me. 💛😊

Email: for information regarding mailing your pad(s) to the collection point.

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A great idea for such a great cause. Shared as sew easy.

Jacqueline Giuliani

I am so happy to read this post! Also Appalachia Sews on YouTube walks a person through, step by step, and her video is excellent!
She shows you how to create your own simple pattern customized to the length you want. Pretty cool!
Thanks for your help & fabric suggestions, Christina! And a huge thanks for generously donating a $50 prize!! Someone is going to be very blessed. ; )


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