Fun and Easy DIY Pencil Pouches for Homeschooling

Fun and Easy DIY Pencil Pouches for Homeschooling

Are you a homeschool parent looking for fun DIY projects to do with your kids using supplies you already have at home? If you own a sewing machine and have some fabric scraps lying around, try this easy no-sew pencil pouch activity.

It's a great homeschooling craft that will keep your children entertained and engaged.

Supplies Needed for This Homeschool DIY Craft - Pencil Pouch

  • Zipper
  • Velcro or Snaps
  • Canvas
  • Quilting Cotton
  • French Terry or any other woven or no-stretch fabric
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Machine
  • Needle & Thread
  • Serger (optional)


Fabric Sewing Machine - WayMaker fabrics



Step-by-Step Pencil Pouch Instructions:

My favorite is creating a customizable pencil pouch! You don’t need a pattern, just know the length of the zipper you’ll use. If zippers seem too advanced, use Velcro or add snaps instead. For this tutorial, I’m using a zipper but you can swap it out.

Step 1: Select your fabric.

I used the Color Your Own Construct-O-Saurus fabric from and thought the canvas would be perfect for my project.

Construct-O-Saurus Custom Fabric




This particular fabric design is created for your child to be able to use washable markers, and color his bag to his hearts content, and then pop it in the wash. When it comes out, it is ready to be colored all over again!





Step 2: Measure your zipper:

I first measured my zipper. It was 9 inches. This determined my pouch length. I cut my fabric to 10 inches for two reasons.

Measure the Zipper on the Construct-O-Saurus Fabric Print Sheet

1. I allowed myself 1/4in seam allowance on each side. 2. I wanted to give myself some room to attach the zipper safely without snagging the metal clamps.

Step 4: Cut your fabric. 

Cut your fabric to your desired dimensions. Mine is 10"x5". You can choose to make your pouch as long or as short as you want! This is the  beauty of this project. You get to personalize it in so many ways!

Step 5: Secure the zipper to the fabric.

Once I cut out my fabric, I used my fabric clips to secure the zipper to each piece of fabric. Make sure to put your zipper and your fabric RIGHT sides together. The right side of fabric is the side with the design on it, and the right side of the zipper is the top of the zipper where the zipper pull is located.Securing the Zipper on the Pouch
Once the zipper is secured using clips or pins, sew along the top securing the zipper to the fabric.
Sewing the Zipper on the Pouch
Repeat with second piece of fabric.
Remember to align your fabric with the RIGHT sides together. 
TIP: If your fabric is directional, make sure both pieces are facing the same direction prior to sewing. 
Once you unfold your fabric, it should look like this. One piece will be upside down when it is laid flat.
Optional Top Stitch

Step 5.5: Optional Top Stitching

You can top stitch your pouch along the edge of the fabric to secure it more fully to the zipper.

Step 6: Fold your fabric: Right sides together.

Fold your fabric along the zipper line RIGHT sides together so the fabric pieces face each other evenly. Align the edges of the fabric so they are flush.

Step 7: Sew

Sew along the edges. If you have a serger you can use it here, otherwise, a straight stitch will work great. Trim the edges of the fabric and snip the edges if you use a regular sewing machine. I used a serger to secure my edges.

Sew along the wrong sides of the Construct-O-Saurus Fabric Print Sheet

I used a straight stitch to attach the zipper, and used my serger to sew the remainder of the pouch together. Clip the corners for less bulky edges. 

Step 8: Turn right side out.

Flip the Zippered Construct-O-Saurus Fabric Pouch Inside Out

To turn your pouch right sides out, unzip to create a hole, then turn the fabric right side out. Zip back up or begin using immediately.

Step 9: Admire your work!

Congratulations! You accomplished something amazing! You created something. You are amazing!

If you are anything like me, your natural instinct is to critique your work and pick apart all the little imperfections. STOP, no one is going to notice those little things except you! Additionally, you have just done something new, and it might not be perfect, but you know what you will do different next time. 

Remind yourself of all the successes you had during your make. You attached a zipper! Or snaps, or Velcro. YOU did that! That is no easy feat. 

Step 10: Share your completed project.

Show off your work to anyone who will look! Join a sewing group on Facebook. I recommend WayMaker Fabrics Community group (if you used our fabrics of course.) 

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You’re right, a zipper pouch is SO versatile and handy, and this version above is the simplest, so a perfect way to start. I taught my 7 yr old son to sew these this summer. He was excited and wanted to try. But, unfortunately, he got tired of it after a few since making sure his seams were very straight (important for attaching the zipper!) was providing too difficult. But he had a measure of success, and was very proud of the first few that he finished successfully!!


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